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A Fabulous Performing Arts Studio created to benefit people from every walk of life

What a great journey this project has been. We worked closely with our clients on their energetic and ambitious project to create a bespoke performing arts studio that would be annexed to their beautiful North Yorkshire property. The plan was to create a retreat where people can benefit from staying in a stunning setting whilst immersing themselves in a wide variety of art and performance activities... Maybe a school class wanting to practice drama; or perhaps a collection of friends to have fun singing or dancing; or formal learning/tutoring sessions and relaxed group weekends - the one thing they all need is some space. Not just any space but an area sufficiently large to allow large performances, parties and full-on activities.

After completing the design, the new extension to the existing stone buildings was professionally drawn up and a planning application was submitted. In a beautiful and sensitive area such as this, we needed to work hard to reassure the planners that this building would be sympathetic and fitting within the surroundings. This large extension is, like all other Swift Extensions, constructed from SIP panels... a system more akin to Grand Designs than the Yorkshire countryside! As well as this efficient and robust structure, we employed local trades and materials to create a building that perfectly matched the external appearances of the nearby buildings. Clay tiles cover the SIP roof structure with its conservation roof-lights and rendered walls joined similarly finished elevations of the adjoining “stable block.” The walls need to have the appearance of authentic stone, but don’t need the strength nor insulation qualities; that being taken care of with the SIP panels.

A brilliant stone fascia was applied that uses American-produced concrete “tiles”. Almost random in colours and shapes, though cleverly matched with the local stone, the individual “stones” are skilfully applied and then authentically pointed. The result is a building that ticks all the boxes for appearance and performance, yet saves a considerable sum of money that could then be employed to the promotion of this new venture.

Started in January 2012, the opening ceremony was completed by the Rt Hon William Hague MP in late June. During this time the following key stages were completed by Swift:

  • Widening and improving of the entrance driveway to satisfy highways department conditions
  • Laying of concrete foundations and slab adjacent to existing building
  • Delivery of all Sip panels to site and erection of complete main structure
  • Completion of total fit-out inside with air-conditioning/heating units, access toilet facilities, kitchen and store. Decorated and floored, accommodation was fitted with an elaborate professional stage lighting and sound system including projection and PA facilities.
  • Refurbishment of adjacent building to create a large office, quiet room and kitchen/ utility room.
  • Build decking and tidy up parking area
  • Administer and co-ordinate new electrical supply to building
For more pictures and information please visit our client’s website: